In The Long Run

A dreamer dreaming
I’m falling asleep to 
The smell of your face
And I think
I might not love you
          In the long run
In the long run,
I should do the reasonable
I should cut the wings before
I fly too close to the sun:
          You never know. 
A dreamer dreaming
I’m reliving your touch:
Your fingers have reached
Creases behind folds
Of my thoughts
That have never even been
Touched before.
And I wonder if you’ll know,
          In the long run.
A dreamer dreaming,
You take me away
From my home
And we become lovers
And I should be stronger,
And I should be leaving…

But instead I’m just dreaming.
And seeing your face. 

"You need to open up more"

Words spin around the fire

Like sparks from a log

I push it down, push it down

I’m told to listen. 

I feel the love, feel the love

Push me into the fire

And tell me it’s my fault

Tell me to watch my step

Tell me to be more open.

Order a Pandora’s box to open. 

It’s on you, on you then.

I’m all alone for tonight

Because I’m closed for the night

I’m closed off from the night. 

Airport, flight delayed, wifi free

He knows the way I

Oh the way I

And there are parts of him that belong to other people. I know his eyes, but not from him. His lips, but not on him. I remember his chest, but not on his body. What a strange and beautiful collage. 

I miss the freefall. The moment between the trip and regaining ground. The moment when everything ignites, the heart and mind become a match head. I am made of phosphorous, and friction will burn me. And it does. 

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