This site is for everyone I am leaving behind, as I embark on this new journey. It’s for everyone I am yet to meet, and for everyone who appreciates the value of shared experiences. Because there will be many.

Many firsts, and some lasts, many new things, some old things but many scary things,…

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Cat on a tin roof

I sit
And smoke
Oh I smoke on the roof
I burn
Oh I burn my fingertips
They are blistered
From strumming blues
On the soul strings.
Blues for you.
You say I swayed you
Know that momentum doesn’t
Come easy
I paid for it
In flesh, blood, sweat, tears, dreams.

I sit
And I smoke on the roof
I taste the trouble inside you
On my tongue
I want the whole
Let me be the woman
To take care of it

I sat
And smoked on the roof
In a city I now left
And I have a secret
I’m not coming back
But if I do
I’m taking you with me